Clan Ranking

Rankings are on hold until we have more active membership and a volunteer to help with website. If interested in joining and helping out, fill out the contact form. Thanks!


The CoC rankings are based on prowess in battle. We at Suffolk Slayers strife to be more than mere hounds of war. We wish to encourage young strategists, inspire donations and reward the diligent. Only a well balanced team can top the ranks.

To award players for team spirit, personal achievements and community effort we have an inner Clan Ranking.


level points needed
10 Grand Master 250
9 Demon Lord 200
8 God of War 150
7 Master of Hounds 100
6 Pekka hunter 75
5 Warlock apprentice 50
4 Dragon trainer 35
3 Golden archer 25
2 Barbarian berserker 15
1 Goblin 10
0 Imp 0

Current Ranking

Warlock apprentice 1 Tommy 55


Dragon trainer 2 Lord Krunch 47
Papa 46
 Golden archer 8 python pete 30
13 Vixen 25
judayer 25
strongbow 25


Barbarian berserker
18 Rue 21
Papoo 18
michele 18
the ginger 18
Imp 28 Rue too 7
Marty 6



How to earn points

help to other players awarded by (co)Leader
posting a guide on the forums 1 point


top player of the season 3 points
nr 2 player of the season 2 points
nr 3 player of the season 1 point
donations 1 point for every season you exceed 2000 donations

personal achievements

unlocking Barbarian King 1 point
unlocking Archer Queen 5 points
unlocking Grand Warden 10 points
upgrading th 1 to 6 1 point per upgrade
upgrading to th7 5 points
upgrading to th11 10 points

war achievements

most heroic attack 1 point, awarded every war based on war details CoC
most heroic defence 1 point, awarded every war based on war details CoC
worst luck award 1 point, awarded every war by (co)leader
outstanding attacks 1 point, awarded by (co)Leader