Hall of Fame

Every once in a while a member reaches a highpoint or an important milestone. We like to encourage our players to be the best they can be. To do so we like to highlight a few.

Juli 2016

As we slowly pass the half waypoint of the year now seems a good time as any to look at some stats and give credit where credit’s due. We are a very diverse Clan and that is where our strength lies. Some are on chat daily kicking up a storm, some rarely join in on the banter but contribute in other ways, big and small.
Today we like to highlight some of our most notable members:

Teemupii, is one of those players conspicuous by absence in chat. Yet he has been brought forward by CoC to have the ‘most heroic attacks’ in war 6 times over the last month making him an invaluable asset in war. Besides his prowess in war he has donated over 4000 troops this month. Well done mate!

Apart from stepping up as Co-Leader and becoming a driving force in war tactics, Tommy has been going out of his way providing us with cannon fodder this month. He managed to donate a whopping 9000 troops earning himself 9 points for the ranking and with it taking back the no.1 position from Teem.

Last but not least, our fearless leader Rue. Although not always overtly present in chat he’s always there in the background to step in when needed. Last month he has been working tirelessly recruiting strong and active prospects to join our Clan.

Thank you all for making this Clan great!

June 2016

Halfway June disaster struck as a few of our high ranking players decided to up and leave, taking several other clanmembers with them. As we were in the middle of a war we had no other choice but to play out the game with a wounded moral and 3 players less than our opponents. We were up against a clan two levels higher and our chances looked bleak. But the true nature of the Slayers shone through and we managed to turn a certain defeat into a resounding Victory!
This spot in the Hall of Fame belongs to all the Slayers who stayed and made this triumph possible.

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.” Vince Lombardi


Disco, our resident spoof, has reached the personal achievement of placing all of his Discord-accounts in Masters III League
(and in a row, he seemed more chuffed about that than the league he was in, really).