Clan Rules

While we are a fun relaxed clan, we believe a few rules are in order.Clash_Tutor


  1. If you are not available for war, you must ‘turn red’
  2. If you are green, you are expected to be available to make both attacks for war. Please understand that this means you should be able to make your first attack within the first 12 hours.
  3. First attacks will be assigned by Leadership or Elders prior to start of war for first attacks. If you aren’t sure, ask.
  4. Second attacks will be assigned about 12 hours after the start of war. If you haven’t taken your 2nd attack 6 hours before end of war it may be reassigned. If you have not shown up by the last 2 hours, you will be considered a no show and your 2nd attack will be reassigned. You also may not be considered for next available war.
  5. If you are told to loot, you can pick any base you want to loot. You only need 1 star to gain the loot at the end of the war if we win.
  6. Clan members that don’t show for their 2nd attack may not be chosen for next available war.
  7. As always, this is a game, life happens, communication is crucial. Let leadership know if something comes up.


  1. Participation in war is available to bases who will benefit the clan as a whole. This means  we may not include rushed bases in a war.
  2. A rushed base is defined as a base having mortars, archer towers, or air defenses at level that would be the max town hall 2 levels lower than existing town hall (i.e.: a canon level 8 on a TH9 base). This rule does not apply to new defensive structures unlocked in your most recent town hall.

We use the Kik-app to communicate outside the game. Please download the app to stay in the know of news, notifications and tactics.

  1. Keep chat clean and well mannered, no violent or aggressive innuendo toward other players will be tolerated.
  2. While we are all adults, we do not want excessive foul language in our chats.


  1. Only donate what is asked. If you are not sure what someone is asking for, please clarify before donating.
  2. Keep donations fair, donate as much as you receive.
  3. War Clan Castle Donations are usually max levels.

General Do’s and Don’t’s:


  • be friendly. We are all here to have fun and advance in the game.
  • be supportive. We can build a stronger and better Clan by helping the lower levels improve their game.
  • ask for advice when not sure how to handle an attack. We’ve all been there.
  • follow the instructions provided by the Moderators, Clan-(co)leader and Elders when at war.
  • donate troops as much as you request.

Do not:

  • flame, bully, threaten, discriminate or insult other members.
  • argue with a Moderator, Clan-(co)leader or Elder. If you are having troubles, contact one of the mods through pm.
  • share your account or create alternate, backup, or multiple accounts (in-game double accounts are permitted).
  • post porn, gross stuff, or anything unsuitable for work.
  • mislead, troll or spam.